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Date of Australian border reopening


Since March 2020, in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia has closed its borders to international arrivals other than citizens and permanent residents and those granted individual exemptions.

Furthermore, those resident in Australia may not leave without being granted an exemption.

Finally, those who are permitted to enter are required to enter supervised quarantine for 14 days in hotels upon arrival. Exceptions to this include foreign diplomats (who are expected to self-quarantine), some travellers who have made alternate quarantine arrangements to the satisfaction of Australian authorities, and arrivals from New Zealand, who have been exempt from quarantine since October 2020.

When will Australia reopen for quarantine-free international travel?

This question will resolve on the first day that all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Australia no longer requires non-citizens/residents from the majority of countries to apply for an individual exemption in order to travel to Australia, instead reverting to the requirement to hold a visa or to be a citizen of a country with which Australia has visa-free travel arrangements.

  2. Australia no longer requires arrivals from the majority of countries to quarantine upon arrival (either self-quarantine or supervised quarantine).

  3. Australia no longer requires those resident to apply for an exemption in order to leave Australia.

Resolution will be based on the home affairs website.

If it proves unavailable or unusable, resolution will be based on at least two reputable media sources. (The same source may be used to support multiple criteria).

Edit 2021-02-07: added the home affairs website as a resolution source.

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