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The Future of WallStreetBets


The well-known subreddit /r/wallstreetbets has attracted significant media attention in the past week because of the ongoing short squeeze of GameStop (GME), which has caused the stock price to skyrocket. As a result, multiple hedge funds who were shorting GME incurred significant losses. On Jan 27th 2020, the official wallstreetbets Discord server was banned, and the subreddit was made private for 56 minutes, leading to speculation that the subreddit could be banned. In a heavily upvoted post, one user described the ongoing situation as "an existential threat to our community".

CBS: How Reddit posters made millions as Wall Street lost billions on GameStop's wild stock ride

Vox: The GameStop stock frenzy, explained

Ars Technica: Discord bans WallStreetBets as subreddit briefly goes private

Will the subreddit /r/wallstreetbets be banned before Jan 1st, 2022?

This question resolves positively if the subreddit /r/wallstreetbets is temporarily or permanently banned from the Reddit platform.

This question resolves ambiguously if Reddit ceases to exist as a website or company before Jan 1st, 2022.

This question resolves negatively otherwise.

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