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U.S. Troops in Afghanistan on 2021-05-01


On February 29, 2020, the U.S. signed the 'US-Afghanistan Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan' with the Taliban. In this peace agreement, the U.S. committed to withdrawing all of its forces from Afghanistan by May 2021.

U.S. forces met the first commitment to hit the 8,600 troop count within 135 days.

U.S. troop count is presently at 2,500, as per the latest withdrawal phase in mid-January under the Trump administration. This is the lowest troop count for the U.S. since the onset of the war, and looked to project the administration's commitment to the May 1st deadline.

The Biden administration is currently reviewing the peace deal with the aim to decide the appropriate course of action going forward.

Will U.S. military troops still be in Afghanistan on 2021-05-01?

The question will be resolved by confirmation via any official U.S. state organ (e.g. A press report by the U.S. Department of Defence).


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