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Will Brazil have 2,500 COVID deaths per day?


During the first wave in Brazil, the 7-day rolling average of confirmed COVID-19 deaths peaked at just over 1,050 deaths. Now, while total official deaths surpass 270,000, the country is experiencing a second deadlier wave, with record-breaking COVID-19 deaths per day. Vaccination is still at a slow pace and a new coronavirus variant, P1 (more transmissible and with some chance to evade the immune protection of previous illness), is imposing large stress over the national healthcare system, already close to its full capacity.

In view of the above, this question asks:

Will Brazil have a 7-day rolling average above 2,500 COVID-19 deaths before 1 June 2021?

  • This question will resolve positively if there is a 7-day rolling average of confirmed COVID-19 deaths equal to or above 2,500 in Brazil before 1 June 2021 according to ourworldindata.

  • This question should retroactively close 24 hours before the data update which causes resolution.

The 24 hours retroactively closing is regarding the operationalization of a similar question.

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