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Date Human Spacecraft Lands on Venus


Every space geek loves Mars. Mars gets all the robots as well as all the movies.

But whither Venus? Where’s the love for our beautiful goddess neighbor who apparently welcomed the Russian Venera-13 lander by crushing it to death within hours. Informed speculation on Quora suggests that:

The [Venera 13] lander's seals and pressurized chambers were breached the day of the landing, so all of the material and equipment that the Venera was designed to protect was melted and boiled off decades ago.

Yikes. Okay, maybe that's why we don't drop by more often.

Venus is often compared to a literal hellscape. We know about the surface temperatures that melt lead, the sulfuric acid clouds, the poisonous metal snow, etc.

But Venus is also interesting! And the clouds of Venus may be the most Earthlike environment in the solar system beyond terra firma.

So when will we return to our hot, hostile sister planet? Specifically, will a man made spacecraft at least breach Venus’s atmosphere before the 2020’s are out?

Per this pessimistic Atlantic article:

A generation has now gone by since the agency set a course for the second planet from the Sun, and with this latest mission opportunity lost, the earliest an expedition there might launch (from some future selection process) would be 2027—nearly 40 years since our last visit.

Russia and the U.S. are considering a joint mission called Venera D, but per

It's still too early to know exactly what Venera-D will look like, what it will do or when the mission will launch. A liftoff in 2025 or 2026 is possible under an "aggressive" time line.

Will a human made spaceship enter the Venusian atmosphere before 2030?

This question will resolve positively if a human-made spacecraft enters Venus's atmosphere prior to January 1, 2030. Any craft would qualify (such as Venera 13), and the craft need not have operational systems inside the Venetian atmosphere to resolve positively. Credible reports by space agencies such as NASA or ESA will qualify as a resolution source.

Technology – Space

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