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Republican U.S. Senate before November 2022


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Will the GOP control the senate after the 2022 elections?

Democrats won a barely-perceptible majority in the United States Senate after the 2021 Georgia runoff elections.

But who will have control heading into the last few weeks of the 117th Senate?

Senate control is impermanent as Senators learned in 2001! Senators in the past have changed allegiance. Senate membership has at times been changed by expulsion, by appointment, or by other events.

(Senate-watchers are already musing about the issue. Professor Paul F. Campos predicted, "All things considered, the odds that Democrats will lose control of the Senate in the next 22 months are probably close to a coin flip." We don't know if he considered literally everything.)

Will Republicans control the United States Senate on 2022-10-31?

This question will resolve positively if both the Majority Leader and the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate are allied with Senate Republicans on 2022-10-31.

This question will resolve negatively if either of those officeholders is not allied with the Republican Party.

Question resolves as ambiguous if both posts are vacant or if an unusual power-sharing agreement provides for each side to have control for a pre-arranged period.

Best source for resolution shall be the Senate itself. This page is regularly updated, and the students answering the phone in the Republican Cloakroom are very helpful.

Alternatively, and can suffice.

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