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Tennis at the 2044 Olympics


Tennis has appeared the Olympics on-and-off throughout Olympic history. It was most recently added to the program as a full sport in 1988.

Tennis has appeared 18 times since the start of the modern games in 1896.

As part of The Tennis Abstract Podcast's 100th episode it was asked "Will tennis remain part of the Olympics in 2044?". The answer given was "No".

Will the Tennis be part of the Olympics in 2044?

This question resolves positive if there is a Tennis event in the 2044 Summer Olympic programme.

If Tennis is a demonstration sport, this resolves positive. If there is no 2044 Summer Olympics, this question resolves based on the Summer Olympics closest in time to 2044-08-01. If there is no Summer Olympics within a 10 years either side, it resolves ambiguous.


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