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Próspera population in 2021 above 1000


Próspera is

a private charter city and special economic zone on the island of Roatán in the Central American state of Honduras. The city is based on a concept by American economist Paul Romer and is intended to form a quasi-independent city-state with private government and its own fiscal, regulatory, and legal architecture.

The city is being developed in a previously unoccupied 58 acre area that has been carved out of Honduras under a legal arrangement called ZEDE (Spanish acronym for Zone for Employment and Economic Development). Under this regulation, other parts of Honduras could be annexed to Próspera in the future as long as the owners of the land are willing to sell it to the city. This land need not be contiguous with the current tract, which could turn Próspera into a network of exclaves within Honduras.

The city currently contains only three buildings and has no permanent population. The project seeks to attract both Hondurans escaping poverty and violence and highly mobile international professionals with a package of pro-market, business-friendly, libertarian policies.

For an in-depth review of the project, see this post by Scott Alexander.

Scott forecasted there was a 30% chance that Próspera would have a population >= 1,000 in 2021.

Will Próspera's population in 2021 be larger than 1,000?

This question resolves positive if the population (according to credible sources) of Próspera is >= 1000 at any point during 2021.

If no sources claim this, but Scott Alexander resolves his prediction positively, then this question resolves positive (at the admin's discretion, to avoid him personally gaming the system).

If not, it resolves negative.

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