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Highest paid dead celebrity in 2021


Forbes Magazine, in an article last year, mentioned

  • Marilyn Monroe (d. 1962)
  • Charles Schulz (20th year)
  • "Dr. Seuss" (oldest) (20th year)
  • Elvis Presley (20th year)
  • John Lennon (20th year)
  • George Harrison
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Bob Marley
  • Arnold Palmer
  • Kobe Bryant
  • the musician known as "Prince"
  • young "Juice WRLD" (1998-2019) and
  • Michael Jackson

They were listed in ascending order from Marilyn ($8 million USD) to Michael ($48 million USD). Wrote Forbes:

Our annual list of the top-earning dead celebrities measures pretax income from October 1, 2019 through October 1, 2020.

Similar lists were published annually, since 2001.

If Forbes publishes such a list for 2021, we ask:

When Forbes calculates the highest FY2021 earnings for these 13 celebrities, how much will be earned by the highest earner (in millions of USD)?

Any icon on the 2021 list who is not listed above will be ignored. The question will resolve as the highest 2021 earnings of any of the icons listed above.

If none of those names appears on the 2021 list, the question will resolve as one-million dollars less than the 2021 earnings of the lowest earner on the 2021 list.

For reference: Michael Jackson has topped the most annual lists, followed by Elvis Presley (pre-2010). Charles Schulz is typically in the top 5 with earnings in the 20-50 range.

Actor James Dean was listed in 2001 with $3 million, less than any icon on the list that year or any year.

For income numbers, if "millions of US dollars" is not explicitly written, it is implied. Words such as "income" and "earnings" are interchangeable on this page.

On 4 May 2022, if Forbes has not published a similar list for FY21, the question resolves as ambiguous.

Admins in their discretion may resolve the question as ambiguous if the 2021 list uses a different currency or if it isn't based on a fiscal year. Otherwise, Forbes' calculations shall be conclusive, regardless of methodology.

Forbes' methodology:

We compile our numbers with the help of data from MRC Data, IMDbPro, NPD BookScan and interviews with industry insiders. Fees for agents, managers and lawyers are not deducted.

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