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Date of Sputnik V WHO approval

Russia has started vaccinating adults from the general population with the Sputnik V COVID vaccine in December 2020. As of June 2021, it is authorized for use in 66 other countries including India and Brazil. However, as of June 2021 it is not approved by the World Health Organization in its emergency use listing (EUL). Approval by WHO is important, for example, for people vaccinated with Sputnik V if they want to study in US schools or travel in places that require you to be vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine.

As of June 3, 2021 WHO lists Pfizer, Moderna, 3 variants of AstraZeneca, J&J, Sinopharm and Sinovac as being approved for emergency use. Sputnik V is in the pipeline, with additional data being processed and inspections held every month. There is no official anticipated decision date, however, there have been developments that indicate that the approval may come relatively soon:

From The Moscow Times: "Right now, our specialists are in Russia and their mission here will be completed by June 4," WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge told TASS. "That’s when a report with recommendations that will be taken into account will be prepared," Kluge added on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The public health expert noted that “there are definitely grounds for optimism” on the prospect of Sputnik V’s approval.

From Reuters: "Russia expects the World Health Organization (WHO) to approve the Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus within two months, Kirill Dmitriev, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) which markets the vaccine, told Reuters. [...] "We see that inspectors are keeping a professional attitude ... there are no significant critical remarks, at least for now."

When will the Sputnik V vaccine be approved by WHO?

The question resolves on the date when WHO approval for Sputnik V vaccine is granted for emergency use. If such as an approval is not granted, this resolves at the upper bound.

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