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PsiQuantum Computer by 2025


In early 2021, the firm PsiQuantum announced that they plan on having a commercial quantum computer by 2025. The PsiQuantum computer, named "the Q-1", uses a 'photon qubit' approach as opposed to a 'matter qubit'. According to PsiQuantum,

There are many ways to make small numbers of qubits, but only one way to scale beyond 1,000,000 qubits and deliver an error corrected, fault tolerant general purpose quantum computer – and that is photonics.

Today, after numerous breakthroughs and advances in quantum architecture and silicon photonics, we uniquely have a clear path to building a useful quantum computer.

In 2020, PsiQuantum completed Series C funding of $150M bringing their total funding to $215M. Their list of investors includes BlackRock, Microsoft's Venture Fund, and Founders Fund.

Will PsiQuantum have a commercial quantum computer by 2025?

This question will resolve positively via PsiQuantum company report that they have a quantum computer for sale by 2025.

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