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South Africa seemingly faces an economic crisis. Cyril Madlala writes for Daily Maverick 13 July 2021:

A race war looms if the government can’t get the looting under control The ANC failed to sort out its politics when the Zuma matter was for its members only to resolve. Now parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are in flames, as they were almost three decades ago. The immediate danger now is of armed conflict between races, because their government is not capable of protecting its citizens from thugs who have hijacked a pro-Zuma bandwagon for their own nefarious intentions.

Antony Sguazzin writes for Bloomberg/Al Jazeera 13 Jul 2021:

Violent protests deal body blow to South Africa’s economy Violent protests have dealt a body blow to South Africa’s efforts to rebuild the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and pose the sternest test yet to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s authority. The widespread looting and social unrest that’s followed the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma is damaging business confidence, has disrupted key trade routes and seen businesses from banks and supermarkets to small-time traders shutting their doors. The army has been deployed to help police quell the unrest, which has claimed the lives of 10 people and seen almost 500 arrested.

Will South Africa suffer significant economic decline, or bounce back on track? The GDP per capita PPP was about 12.5k in 2019, and about 11.5k in 2020, though this is probably also related to COVID lockdown.