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France Home Game Advantage


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There is a phenomenon at the Olympics where by the host country tends to outperform it's recent performances

France is hosting the Olympics in 2021. Will they place significantly higher in the medal table than they have in recent years. Their last 6 placings were:

2000: 6th 
2004: 7th 
2008: 10th 
2012: 7th 
2016: 7th
2020: 8th

Will France place in the Top 5 at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

This question will resolve positively if France place in the top 5 (ties resolve positively) at the Olympics being held in 2024. It will resolve ambiguously if the Olympics do not take place in 2024.

The medal table is calculated by taking the total number of medals won by each participating country and ordering by:

  1. Number of Gold Medals
  2. (Where 1 is tied) Number of Silver Medals
  3. (Where 2 is tied) Number of Bronze Medals

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