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When airplane travelers mask-free in USA?


Mask mandates have been widely introduced in response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. In most places, it is mandatory to travel with masks on airplanes, either due to the carrier (airplane operator) or due to government mandates.

When will airplane travelers be free from mask mandates in the USA?

  • Resolves positively when government mask mandates are removed from ordinary airplane travelers (not e.g., pilots), AND at least 3 large carriers remove their mandates as well. Large carriers are those in the Group III, of which there are 18 currently.
  • Mandates that are removed only for vaccinated people DO NOT count for the purpose of resolution. They must be removed for any normal traveler regardless of prior disease history and vaccination status.
  • Mandates NO NOT have to be justified by COVID-19. It may be for any reason.

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