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Next leader of the Swedish Social Democrats


The Swedish Social Democratic Party, officially the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Sweden, usually referred to as Social Democrats, is a social-democratic political party in Sweden founded in 1889, the SAP is the country's oldest and currently largest party, getting 28.3% of the popular vote in the 2018 election.

The party has been heading the government since 2014 under Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who has been the party leader since 2012.

During the 2021 Swedish governmental crisis, Löfven stepped down as Prime Minister on June 28th, but was re-elected by the Riksdag 9 days later.

On August 22 2021, during his yearly summer speech, Löfven announced that he would step down as party leader and that his successor would be chosen at the party congress in November of 2021.

Magdalena Andersson is the current Minister of Finance and is widely considered as one of the favorites to be the next party leader (and if so, probably the next Prime Minister as well if she is tolerated by the Riksdag).

Sweden has its next general election in September of 2022.

Will Magdalena Andersson be the next leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party?

This question resolves positively if Magdalena Andersson becomes the next party leader of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Sweden as reported by at least 5 credible sources, where at least 2 are written in English.

If the next party leader is an interim leader and this is clearly stated in 5 credible sources then this question should remain open. (Synonyms to "interim leader" also counts as "clearly stated").

If the next party leader is chosen before the Social Democratic party congress which takes place 3-7 November of 2021, then this question should retroactively close 24 hours before the new leader was chosen.

The question does not depend on when the next party leader is chosen but if no new party leader is chosen before 2030 then this question resolves ambiguously.

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