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Human Genome Sequencing Cost in 2026


A genome consists of all of the DNA contained in a cell's nucleus. DNA is composed of four bases (abbreviated G, A, T, and C), with the biological information encoded within DNA determined by the order of those bases. Sequencing a genome involves using various techniques to ascertain the order in which these bases are present in the DNA of an individual organism.

The first human genome sequencing was completed around 2001. Since then, technological advancements have enabled the cost of the procedure to drop rapidly. According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, sequencing a human genome cost over US$10 million in 2006, and only around US$562 in 2021. The cost data, graphs, and methods can be viewed here.

What will be the cost of sequencing a whole human genome in 2026 (in 2021 USD)?

This question will resolve as the cost to sequence a whole human genome in the year 2026, accrding to the US National Human Genome Research Institute. To even out erratic estimates, this question resolve as the average of all values reported for 2026 (expected to be quarterly). This value will be indexed to 2021 USD using the CPI. To account for data revisions, this will resolve based on the latest report published by NHGRI by the end of 2027.

If NHGRI does not release any updates in 2027, this question may use any successor organization with similar data or methodology. If no such successor is available, the question may resolve ambiguously.

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