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Boris Johnson UK PM on June 1, 2022?


Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, born 19 June 1964, is a British politician and writer serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since July 2019.

As of December 2021, Boris Johnson is mired in scandal due to reportedly attending a number of parties and mass gatherings during the UK's coronavirus lockdowns. His Conservative Party has lost its once-robust polling lead, and now trails the opposition Labour Party in the opinion polls.

On December 16th 2021, the Conservatives lost the Parliamentary constituency of North Shropshire, which the party had held for nearly 200 years.

Conservative MPs have reportedly submitted letters to the 1922 Committee indicating that Boris Johnson has lost their confidence in his ability to continue to serve as leader of the Conservative Party.

Will Boris Johnson be Prime Minister of the UK on June 1, 2022?

This question resolves positively if at 00:00 BST on 1 June 2022, Boris Johnson holds the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It resolves negatively if this is not the case.

Politics – European

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