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Date Rocket Stage Is Re-Used 25 Times


In an effort to drive launch prices down, SpaceX and other "new space" launch providers have been developing and flying reusable launcher stages. After an initial testing period, SpaceX is currently routinely recovering, refurbishing, and reusing Falcon booster stages. Presently, a single booster has been already used 10 times, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has stated that eventually even 100+ reuses would be possible for a single booster.

When will a single reusable rocket stage be used for the 25th time?

This question will resolve on the date of successful recovery of a single booster or any other rocket stage after its 25th use, by any launch provider (not only SpaceX). Statements by the launch provider, national space agencies, or credible media reports will suffice as a source.

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