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Orbital rocket launches in 2022


In 2021, there were 144 orbital launch attempts, and 133 of them were successful. Several high-profile flights were delayed until 2022.

How many successful orbital rocket launches will there be in 2022?

The number of successful orbital launches will be determined by the 2022 Space Launch Report summary. Only successful launches will be counted, not failures or partial failures.

EDIT 3/26: As of March 2022, the Space Launch Report will no longer continue to publish orbital launches. In replacement, we will utilize the lists from Wikipedia instead.

Please note that these lists are slightly different than the original list reported by the Space Launch Report.

If the Space Launch Report is not published for 2022, or appears to be grossly inaccurate, judgment may be based on alternative credible sources. If alternative sources are used, an orbital launch is one that achieves a perigee of at least 100km, regardless of how many orbits or partial orbits are completed. Direct to escape launches are included. Success will be judged based on the intended flight, and will include launch vehicle performance only, not payload performance.

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