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In which month will there first be 20,000 new papers submitted to the arXiv?


The arXiv is a free online repository of academic papers and pre-prints (ie. those papers which have not been submitted to a journal or conference for peer review).

From its humble beginnings, there are now a huge number of papers submitted every month, with the 10,000 mark being breached in October 2016, and the 12,000 mark in May 2017.

This question asks in which month will there first be >=20,000 papers submitted, as adjudicated by the link here.

Should the above link disappear or the methodology change substantially (such that the above dates change) then resolution is ambiguous.

If the resolution must occur on a particular day rather than just a month, then it occurs on the first day of the winning month.

If this fails to resolve prior to Jan 1st, 2035, it resolves as "> Jan 1, 2035"

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