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Martial law in Russia before April 2022?


According to Wikipedia

Martial law is defined in the Russian law as a special legal regime that is introduced in conditions of external aggression or its threat. (...) In modern Russia, martial law has never been introduced.

On February 24, 2022, Russia has invaded its neighbor Ukraine. This increases the probability of martial law being instated in Russia.

Martial law allows the Russian government to restrict various freedoms of its citizens, including installation of a curfew, restriction of freedom of movement, restriction of choice of place of residence, forced labor for defense needs, seizure of private property with subsequent compensation, and internment of unreliable citizens and citizens of aggressor countries.

Before April 2022, will martial law be on in any five federal subjects of Russia excluding all the territories annexed after 2013?

The question will resolve positive if and only if the answer is deemed positive according to credible media sources OR official declarations made by the Russian Government.


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