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UN Investigation of Xinjiang Camps by 2024

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In 2017, the Xinjiang internment camps were instituted for the Uyghur muslims by Xi Jinping. The topic of much controversy of the last several years for their reported human rights violations, the United Nations has yet to take any action to investigate or otherwise intervene on the issue.

At a convention of the United Nations in 2019, 54 nations including China rejected the accusations of human rights violations, while 23 countries called on country to abolish the camps for the UN to intervene. After evidence of increased building and expansion of the camps in 2020, the number of countries supporting China fell to 45, with an additional 16 unique countries voicing complaints against China.

In March 2021, after the publication of an open letter by 300+ NGOs and other social actor groups condemning the actions of China, the UN announced that it was "deeply concerned by the allegations," and yet by October 2021, no further action had taken place.

Will the UN open an investigation or otherwise intervene on the issue of the Xinjiang internment camps before 2024?

This question will resolve as Yes if the United Nations authorizes an official investigation into the internment camps in Xinjiang and the detention of Uyghur muslims via technical field assessment, fact finding mission, or other similar process by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Human Rights Council or similar body before January 1, 2024.

TIhe assessment or mission need not actually occur before 2024, it is sufficient for OHCHR/HRC to announce their investigation before January 1, 2024.

The question will resolve based on a list of official investigations at the OHCHR/HRC website or an official announcement by the OHCHR/HRC (on its website or via a press release).

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