Announcing the Transparent Replications Project

Clearer Thinking has launched Transparent Replications, a project supporting greater reproducibility in psychological science by performing replications of new studies from prestigious journals and forecasting the results.

Learn more and start forecasting which research will replicate here. Your predictions will contribute to a greater understanding of forecasting's role in identifying candidate studies for replication efforts.

Two studies are currently open for forecasting, and more will be added periodically:

Knowledge About Others Reduces One’s Own Sense of Anonymity

When participants learned more about a stranger, they felt the stranger knew them better too and would be better able to detect when they lied.

Counterfeit Diversity: How Strategically Misrepresenting Gender Diversity Dampens Organizations’ Perceived Sincerity and Elevates Women’s Identity Threat Concern

Researchers varied the male:female staff ratio of a hypothetical tech company to assess stereotype threat and other participant reactions to imagining working there.

We invite you to forecast on this project, and we thank you for contributing to reliable, reproducible scientific research!