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Will a new US Supreme Court Justice be approved in 2018?


US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, considered one of the court's more moderate/swing votes, recently announced his impending retirement. This means President Trump will have the chance to propose a second Supreme Court nominee, which will likely shape the face of constitutionality questions for many years to come.

While it's been argued at both the National Review and 538 that Justices are far less polarized than one might think, some fear that a Trump replacement could trample individual rights for years to come. Others, of course, believe it could rein in government overreach for years to come. One can only be certain of death and taxes.

This question resolves positively only if Trump nominates a new Supreme Court Justice after July 1, 2018 and that nominee is approved by the Senate by end of day Dec 31, 2018, Pacific Time.

Politics – US

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