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Future Fund outspends OpenPhil in 2022


The Future Fund is a philanthropic fund by the FTX Foundation that makes grants and investments to ambitious projects focused on improving humanity's long-term prospects. It hopes to grant at least $100 million in 2022, "and potentially a lot more".

Open Philanthropy is a research and grantmaking foundation that is currently, and by a wide margin, the primary funder of longtermist causes within the effective altruism community. In 2021, it granted $102 million to longtermist causes.

In 2022, will the Future Fund give more than Open Philanthropy to longtermist causes?

For Open Philanthropy, their Grants Database will be consulted and their longtermist grantmaking will be calculated as the sum of all their grantmaking for the year 2022 in the areas Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness, Potential Risks from Advanced Artificial Intelligence, and Global Catastrophic Risks.

For the Future Fund, an official person will be contacted and asked to report the total volume of their grantmaking in 2022.

If Open Philanthropy changes the way they classify their grantmaking, the question will resolve ambiguously. If the Future Fund refuses to share the relevant figures, the question will also resolve ambiguously.

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