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Will Donald Trump's approval rating decline noticeably in the wake of the Helsinki Summit?


Many of U.S. President Donald Trump's actions that have scandalized his political opponents have not made a dent in the approval he enjoys from his base.

It is possible, though, that the negative reaction he has received around his Helsinki meeting is different in kind, and will unsettle some of his staunchest supporters.

As of this moment (8:30pm PT on July 16, 2018) Trump's approval rating on the aggregated Approval Rating Page is 42.1%.

It takes on the order of several days for new incoming polls to be received and aggregated to the point where they begin to affect the rolling aggregate. So we will determine the answer based on a reading two weeks from now.

This question will resolve positively if the approval rating reflected on this page is less than 40.0% (representing an apparent decline of 2.1 points over two weeks) anytime during the day of July 30, 2018.

Politics – US

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