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Cultivated Meat Approval By Country 2023

Feeding Humanity Alt-Protein Tournament

On November 26, 2020, Singapore became the first country to approve the commercial sale of cultivated meat.

Techspoon wrote in May 2021:

U.S.-based companies are still leading the cultured meat industry, too, and have attracted huge amounts of investment in the recent past, including Memphis Meats’ $161 million round in 2020, BlueNalu’s $60 million fundraise, and, of course, Eat Just’s recent $200 million fundraise. The latter — still the only cultured meat company in the world cleared to sell a product — hasn’t explicitly said it will next launch commercially in the U.S. In a recent conversation, Eat Just founder and CEO Josh Tetrick only hinted, saying “I think it’s more likely than not that we’ll see clearance sometime in the next two years. I hope it’s this year — we’re going to be ready if it is. But it’s hard to tell.”

In March 2021, ProVeg International's New Food Conference surveyed attendees, 58% of whom said cultured meat would be approved in the European Union "within three to five years".

In December 2020, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated:

I have directed the State Secretary Tzahi Braverman to appoint a body to serve these industries in order to connect and oversee all the stakeholders operating in this field. Israel will become a powerhouse for alternative meat and alternative protein.

Will these countries approve a cultivated meat product for consumption before April 2023?

The sub-questions below will resolve as Yes if, at any time before April 1, 2023, the respective country approves at least one cultivated meat product for human consumption (or issues a more general approval for a class of cultivated meat products). This may resolve as Yes even if such approval is later retracted.

For a product to be deemed a "cultivated meat product", it must contain at least 20% cultivated meat by weight (where cultivated meat is here defined as meat that is grown primarily or entirely in cell culture, rather than in an animal’s body).

For a resolution source, Metaculus will consider official statements by government regulatory authorities, statements by cultivated meat companies, and credible media reports.

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