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Will Donald Trump Jr. be charged with a crime by Christmas Day 2018?


update to: this question

Dominos continue to fall in Mueller's investigation of involvement of Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

As of question writing, Papadopoulos was charged, pled guilty, and is apparently cooperating with the FBI. Paul Manafort has been charged but pled innocent. Michael Flynn has pled guilty to a single charge of lying to the FBI, and is apparently cooperating with the FBI. On July 16, a Russian gun rights advocate with ties to the NRA, Maria Butina, was charged with crimes of conspiracy. A witness claimed that Butina met with Trump Jr. in mid-2016.

There is widespread sentiment that these relatively "light" charges were filed primarily to acquire cooperation, as well as leave charges on the table that could be brought at a state level in the event of a presidential pardon.

What happens next?

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. have been at the center of campaign operations from the start, privy to many of the meetings and events that are under investigation. Kushner skated through to Tax Day and Trump Jr. made it past Father's Day without a scratch, but Paul Manafort, of course, was not quite so lucky. And things are getting a little weird in Trumpland. So, we ask:

Will Donald Trump, Jr. be charged with a crime by December 25, 2018?

As for other questions in this series, resolution is positive if credible media report indicates that Donald Trump, Jr. has been formally charged prior to the date in question.

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