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Attempted crewed SpaceX flight prior to 2020?


It was previously asked whether there would be a crewed SpaceX flight in 2018. Given that the first launch of the Dragon V2 (SpaceX's first human rated vehicle) is slated for a first crewed flight in April 2019 (as of the writing of this question) and that flight schedules are only extremely rarely moved forward, that question will almost certainly resolve negatively.

Yet, it is unclear whether further launch delays will push the date of the first crewed test-flight even further into the future, perhaps even beyond 2019.

It is asked:Will the first crewed SpaceX (test) launch take place prior to January 1st , 2020 at 00:00 UTC?

Should the rocket engines start before the above mentioned time, and lead to a launch that brings the crew to a height of at least 1 km alive, this question will resolve positive. Else negative. Safe return/survival of the crew is not required for positive resolution.

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