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Will Pope Francis resign by the end of the year?


in a May 15 homily, Pope Francis hinted that he may not remain the Holy See that much longer.

The Catholic News Agency reported:

the pope noted that St. Paul, who was “compelled by the Holy Spirit” to leave Ephesus and journey to Jerusalem, “shows us the pathway for every bishop when it’s time to take his leave and step down... When I read this, I think about myself,” Pope Francis said, “because I am a bishop and I must take my leave and step down... All pastors must take our leave. There comes a moment where the Lord tells us: go somewhere else, go there, go this way, come to me. And one of the steps a pastor must do is to prepare himself to take good leave, not to leave halfway."

Pope Francis had previously alluded to the idea that he might not remain Pope into 2019. As this 2017 article from Crux noted in the context of Catholic Church’s World Youth Day (which will be held in Panama in 2019), Pope Francis told a crowd at St. Mary Major basilica: “I don’t know if it will be me, but the pope will be in Panama!”

Meanwhile, the Pope is facing internal calls for resignation in light of the church's sex abuse scandals.

What's your take? Question resolves positive if Pope Francis publically announces (but does not necessarily complete) his resignation before the year is out.

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