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Elon Musk Personally Goes to Mars


Elon Musk is famous for many things. He is the CEO of Tesla, founder of The Boring Company and the CEO of Neuralink. Yet, perhaps Musk's most ambitious project is SpaceX, which aims to put humans on Mars in 2024 (as of the writing of this question).

Whereas putting anybody on Mars may already seem ambitious enough, Musk has also talked about perhaps going to the red planet himself. In an interview with Axios Musk estimated his own chances of going to Mars at 70%.

Will Elon Musk personally go to Mars?

This question will resolve as Yes if Elon Musk is launched on a rocket with the intent of going to Mars. It will resolve as No if Elon Musk is declared legally dead before launching on a Mars-bound rocket.

Technology – Space

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