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Will the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest be won by an EU member?


The Eurovision Song Contest is held each year to bring the nations of Europe together, in a spirit of comradely rivalry, celebrating the relative harmony of these past seventy years, smiling to each other and towards the future, and to showcase some of the most insane performances ever devised by human minds.

The definition of the "Euro" prefix has become increasingly dubious. The last contest's winners, and the location of the event this year, is Israel, and the competition has been graced for the past four contests by none other than... Australia.

It isn't all silly fun and games, though: the contest is rife with controversies about national prejudices and vote-rigging attempts, and it was even used as a signal to start the 1974 Carnation Revolution that overthrew the Portuguese fascist regime.

This question asks the following:

Will the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest be won by a country that is at the time a member of the European Union?

This question will close after the second semi-final on May 16th 2019, but before the final on May 18th 2019.

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