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Date of First Human Birth on Another World


Fewer than 600 humans have ever traveled to space. Fewer still have ever set foot on another astronomical object: only twelve men ever walked on the moon.

In colonial times, the birth of the first child of settlers in a newly acquired territory (for example, the birth of Virginia Dare in a New World English overseas possession) was considered an important milestone.

When will the first human be born alive on an astronomical body other than Earth?

The child must be born alive, but need not survive for any particular length of time in order for a positive resolution. The birth must take place on some natural astronomical object (not inside a spacecraft, space station or man-made space-based habitat like an O'Neill cylinder) such as a planet, dwarf planet, moon or asteroid.

A 'human' shall be taken to mean an anatomically modern human that would be able (upon sexual maturity) to successfully breed, without technological assistance, with members of the species homo sapiens found on Earth in 2019. 'Mind uploads,' 'EMs' and other non-biological entities which may or may not be commonly considered 'human' at some point in the future are expressly excluded.

'Birth' shall be taken to mean the explulsion of a child from the uterus of a living human female, either by natural means or by Caesarean section. Extracorporeal pregnancies, including but not limited to arrangements like this are specifically excluded.

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