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Will Andrew Yang win the Democratic nomination?


Andrew Yang (Wikipedia) is a democratic candidate for president known, among other things, for proposing a Universal Basic Income dubbed the "Freedom Dividend" and a focus on the impact of automation on jobs.

He's relatively young for a presidential candidate, with an entrepreneurial background and an extensive policy platform. Including everything from single-payer healthcare to a "carbon fee and dividend" and the legalization of marijuana.

The Washington Post wrote a piece showing evidence of his growing support: "Andrew Yang is running for president. Haven’t heard of him? You will soon."

Nate Silver has also been tweeting about it (11 March 2019):

"Prediction markets think Andrew Yang has approximately the same chance of winning the Democratic nomination (~4%) as Warren, Klobuchar or Booker."

As can be seen on PredictIt.

But can Yang, a complete outsider, really grab the nomination? We will see.

This resolves positive if Yang is nominated by the Democratic party to be the official candidate for the presidency by the end of 2020.

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