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Will the Chinese police or military intervene in Hong Kong in September 2019?

As tenthkrige wrote in their question:

Since the 31st of March 2019, Hong Kong has been the stage of mass protests initially against a bill that would facilitate extraditions to China (wikipedia)."

Since then the Beijing government has hardened their rhetoric. Chinese state owned media suggested military intervention. There have been violent clashes of protesters with the police and pro-Beijing mobsters. Many protesters were arrested, and including some of the protest leaders. There were many speculations [1] [2] that the Beijing government will not allow the protests to last until the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party that will be celebrated on the 1st of October. This was also suggested by Roundtable lawmaker "Michael Tien Puk-sun who said that according to his sources, the central government has set early September as the "deadline," to calm the situation in Hong Kong"

Again as tenthkrige wrote in their question:

This article(fr) identifies three entities under direct Chinese authorities which could intervene in Hong Kong:

The People's Armed Police (PAP), a paramilitary police under the authority of the Central Military Commission. The People's Liberation Army (PLA), a military force with 5000 troops stationed in Hong Kong. Hong Kong law allows its intervention by request of the Hong Kong government. The Chinese Police, which could reinforce the equivalent Hong Kong Police Force. Question: Will either PLA, PAP, or mainland police personnel physically intervene to oppose protesters in Hong Kong before October 1st 2019?

Will the Chinese police or military intervene in Hong Kong in September 2019?

Positive resolution will be by either:

The Chinese or Hong Kong government (or any such government affiliated body) declaring this has happened. A UN Security Council permanent member government declaring this has happened. Overwhelming media report this has happened (at least 5 separate first hand accounts, preferably with photographic evidence). Physical intervention is taken here to mean that at least some personnel of the Chinese police or PLA or PAP is involved in the controlling, dispersing, or arresting people who are involved in a riot, demonstration, or protest in Hong Kong. These personnel may or may not be requested to assist by Hong Kong government, or the Hong Kong police.

The question resolves negatively if the evidence in accordance with the above three criteria of the Chinese police or military intervening in September are not found before the end of 7th of October, 2019.

Positive resolution retroactively closes the question 24 hours before the events."

This is a copy of this question but now it is about the intervention in September. It was copied with tenthkrige's permission.


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