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By November 2nd, 2020, will 80% or fewer people be employed by DeepMind than the 836 employed today?


DeepMind is a UK company founded in September 2010, currently owned by Alphabet Inc. The company has been at the forefront of research in artificial intelligence (Holcomb et al., 2018).

The company has recently not been profitable, however. According to the FT,

The artificial intelligence subsidiary of Alphabet, saw its losses rise by 55 per cent last year to £470.2m ($571m) and its debts rise to more than £1bn as the world’s biggest technology companies continue to pour huge sums into AI research and development.

Currently, the relevant LinkedIn page reveals that 836 people are reportedly currently employed by DeepMind.

By November 2nd, 2020, will 668 or fewer people be employed by DeepMind, according to LinkedIn search results?

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