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Will there be any faithless electors in the 2016 U.S. Electoral College?


An often unstated assumption behind predictions of the U.S. Presidential race is that the electors chosen to vote in the Electoral College will vote for the popular vote winner in their state (except for some electors from Nebraska and Maine, who vote based on the popular vote winner in their congressional district).

To maximize the chance of this happening, many states have enacted laws to punish electors who do not follow the wishes of the voters in their state. These laws range from fines as high as $1000 to a 4th-degree misdemeanor.

At least three 2016 electors (in Texas, Georgia, and Washington) have threatened not to vote for either Trump or Clinton, even if those candidates win the popular vote in their state.

Will there be at least one "faithless elector" in the 2016 election?

Resolution is positive if the actual final electoral vote taken in the electoral college diverges from the consensus projected electoral vote results based on the popular vote results in each state and/or congressional district.

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