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Global Solar Energy Consumption 2023


Decarbonization of the electricity sector is required to meet climate stabilization targets (IPCC 2014).

According to data by BP, a total of 333.05 terawatt-hours of solar solar photovoltaics energy was consumed in 2016.

How much solar photovoltaics energy will be consumed globally, in terawatt-hours, in the calendar year 2023?

This question will resolve as the number of terawatt-hours of solar photovoltaic energy consumed in the calendar year 2023 according to BP's Statistical Review of World Energy. Other sources with a similar methodology may be consulted if BP's estimates are not admissible. Similarity of methodology shall be decided by an admin. One criterion for similarity is that the estimates of solar energy consumed globally in 2016, is off by less than 25% 333.05 terawatt-hours. in the case multiple estimates are found upon resolving, the admin may choose to resolve this question as the median of different estimates, or resolve it per the estimate deemed most credible.

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