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Date First Fusion Power Company Has Profits


Energy is a $8.5 trillion industry. Nuclear fusion could give us cheap and abundant energy. It also doesn't emit greenhouse gases (once built), and its residue has a half-life of a few hundred years (much less than nuclear fission). It's also seems operationally safer as fusion reactor would be incapable of generating the dangerous runaway chain reactions that lead to a meltdown.

On the other hand, "fusion reactors have other serious problems that also afflict today's fission reactors, including neutron radiation damage and radioactive waste, potential tritium release, the burden on coolant resources, outsize operating costs, and increased risks of nuclear weapons proliferation."

When will a private fusion company first report a yearly profit?

This question will resolve to a report from a credible source that indicates that a fusion company (private, public or governmental) turned a yearly profit.

For a company to be a fusion company, it must generate over 75% of its revenue from the sale of energy generated by nuclear fusion.

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