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Will the Italian constitutional referendum pass?


On 4 December, Italy will hold a referendum on constitutional reform. Italians are asked to approve the amending of the Italian Constitution to reform the appointment and powers of the Parliament of Italy, as well as the partition of powers of State, Regions, and administrative entities.

Opposition parties, and part of the majority itself, have harshly criticised the bill, claiming that it is badly written and that it will unsettle the balance of power between parliament and government.

This referendum has been compared to the Brexit vote held in Britain earlier this year. While it will not have any direct effect on Italy's position in the EU, the vote has come to be viewed as a vote of confidence in Matteo Renzi’s government, who strongly supports it. Should the he lose the consultation, it may trigger early elections that may in turn propel an eurosceptic party such as the 5-star movement into power.

Will the Italians vote in favor of the proposed constitutional reform?

Resolution is positive if the referendum passes.


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