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Will a major US website crash due to internet traffic in April?


The number of people in the US under lockdown has continued to increase throughout March and as a result internet traffic has surged. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, commented on the recent surge by saying, "We’re just trying to keep the lights on over here."

This question asks: Will any of the top 10 most popular US internet websites crash in the month of April?

For the purpose of this question, the top 10 US internet companies are:

  • Google

  • Youtube

  • Facebook

  • Wikipedia

  • Yahoo!

  • Amazon

  • Windows Live

  • Reddit

  • Netflix

  • Blogspot

A 'crash' will be defined as any period of time where service cannot be provided to at least 1 million users due to high demand. Resolution will be determined by whether at least three reliable news sources say that one of the relevant websites experienced an outage for any duration of time that affected at least 1 million users. For positive resolution, the company must specify that it was caused due to systems being overloaded by traffic (including DoS attacks).

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