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Higher US housing prices in 2017?

The Case-Schiller 20-city composite housing index is a well-reference tracker of US home prices.

Published monthly, the index was (arguably) in decline from its inception in late 2006 until mid 2012. Since then it has seen a steady rise (underlying seasonal fluctuations) from a low of 134, to 192 as of November 2016.

This question addresses whether this upward trend will continue, or whether we'll enter into a new decline. As a specific criterion, we'll ask:

Will the high point of the 20-city Case-Schiller index in 2017 be higher than that in 2016?

Resolution is positive if the highest reported value of the index for 2017 (likely reported in winter 2018) exceeds the highest of 2016 (which in turn would be at least 192.14).

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