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Will 3Blue1Brown begin a new video series in the month of July?


Grant Sanderson’s educational youtube channel 3Blue1Brown produces instructional animated videos explaining difficult mathematical concepts in original and often beautiful ways (at least in the opinion of this question’s author). Many of the videos on the channel are organised into series covering particular branches of mathematics, for example Linear Algebra.

This question asks: Will the first video in a new series on 3Blue1Brown be released in July 2020?

Positive resolution occurs if the first video in a playlist containing at least two videos at the time of resolution, which appears on the playlists tab of the 3blue1brown youtube page, is published at any time in July 2020.

This question is part of the Academy Series, a set of questions designed to be an introduction to forecasting for those who are relatively new and are looking for a new intellectual pursuit this summer.

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