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How many YouTube views will Despacito have on January 12, 2021?


The music video for Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, featuring Daddy Yankee, is currently the most watched video on YouTube, and has held the number 1 spot for longer than any previous video. As of June 14, 2020, it had been viewed 6,812,000,000 times.

This question asks: On January 12, 2021, 4 years after the video was originally uploaded, how many views will Despacito have?

This question resolves as the number of views listed on YouTube at the link posted above, at the time a Metaculus admin checks the official youtube page on January 12, 2021. If the video is removed from YouTube, resolution will be ambiguous.

This question is part of the Academy Series, a set of questions designed to be an introduction to forecasting for those who are relatively new and are looking for a new intellectual pursuit this summer.

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