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How many of the "priority paths" identified by 80,000hours will still be priority paths in 2030?


80,000hours is a non-profit which provides research and support to help people use their career to help solve the world's most pressing problems. It is associated with the Centre for Effective Altruism, and also produces the popular 80,000hours podcast.

Much of the focus of 80,000hours is supporting people to move into one of their priority paths, which they see as "one of [the] highest-impact options" for those who have "the potential to excel" in those paths.

In 2020, the priority paths are:

  • AI policy and strategy research and implementation

  • AI safety technical researcher

  • Grantmaker focused on top areas

  • Work in effective altruism organisations

  • Global priorities researcher

  • Biorisk strategy and policy

  • China specialists

  • Earning to give in quant trading

  • Decision-making psychology research and policy roles

This question resolves as the number of priority paths listed as "priority paths" on the 80,000hours website on 2030/1/1, which either exactly match, or are "essentially the same as" one of the priority paths listed above. "Essentially the same" should be judged by a Metaculus Admin.

If 80,000hours no longer lists "priority paths", for any reason, this question resolves as ambiguous, not as 0.

Effective Altruism

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