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When will Charity Entrepreneurship help create a new GiveWell top charity?


Charity Entrepreneurship is an organisation which provides training and support to individuals looking to start effective charities. Thirteen people graduated from their 2019 incubation program, who ended up founding six charities, two of which received GiveWell incubation grants, one of which is estimated as having a 25% chance of becoming a GiveWell top charity.

GiveWell is a research organisation which aims to find outstanding giving opportunities. It maintains a list of top charities which it considers to have the highest marginal impact per dollar donated.

This question asks:

When will GiveWell's list of top charities first contain a charity which was founded by someone who received either training or a grant from Charity Entrepreneurship?

Resolution will be according to the GiveWell website, and/or credible media reporting. If GiveWell decides to no longer produce a list of "top charities", this question resolves ambiguously.

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