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COVID Sterilization via Microwave


In yet another example of the universe's sense of humor, there is reason to believe that microwave radiation, rather than causing COVID-19, may in fact be an effective way of destroying the virus.

This paper argues that a resonance in sub-micron particles (like COVID-19) with ~10 GHz electromagnetic waves can lead to oscillations of the virus large enough to disrupt the particle. They also have experiments to back it up.

And this recent article indicates that US Air Force seems also to be conducting experiments in that direction.

Will this pan out into something useful? There are various tricky aspects. Along with killing the virus at reasonable flux levels, this would have to not endanger health, or provide untenable levels of interference with electronic equipment. The latter may be a bigger challenge so as a probe we ask:

By start of 2022, will there be an application to the US FCC for a device or other license related to microwave sterilization of viruses?

Resolution will be via the FCC database, likely triggered by media or other report. Some notes:

  • This would be governed by FCC rules 47 CFR Part 18.

  • Almost anything would count as long as its description includes something like microwave frequencies and something like "viruses".

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