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Will Kyle Rittenhouse be convicted?


Kyle Rittenhouse is, CBS news:

A teen accused of opening fire on a group during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last night, killing two, is in custody in Illinois, the Antioch police department announced in a Facebook post. The post did not name the 17-year-old, who they said is an Antioch resident. But the State's Attorney's office in Lake County, Illinois, said Kyle Rittenhouse was in bond court this morning regarding being a fugitive from justice in Wisconsin, and is being held on no bond. He was due back in court for an extradition hearing on Friday.

He was charged with first-degree intentional homicide. Wisconsin does not have murder charges, see the Wikipedia overview. One can find videos of the shooting in various places such as Daily Herald. provides an overview of media takes from all sides.

Will Rittenhouse be convicted of first-degree intentional homicide?

  • Concerns the first court case, not a potential appealed case.
  • Resolves negatively if charges are dropped, found not guilty, or given no punishment. Resolves positively if pleads or found guilty and given some sentencing.
  • Resolves ambiguous if Rittenhouse dies before the court verdict is finished.

ETA 2020-09-01: If Kyle Rittenhouse takes a plea deal to some lesser offense, the question resolves negatively

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