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Lesswrong "red button" pressed on Petrov Day


Petrov Day is the yearly anniversary of the 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm incident on September 26th, in which Stanislav Petrov received alerts that five nuclear weapons had been launched by the US, later found to be caused by the mistaken detection of high-altitude clouds. Petrov suspected that it was a false alarm and, against protocol, decided not to send reports up the chain of command; this decision may have prevented a full-scale nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union.

One proposed way to celebrate Petrov day is to create a metaphor for the situation Petrov was in, with a big red button with much lower stakes:

And you can also play on hard mode: "During said ceremony, unveil a large red button. If anybody presses the button, the ceremony is over. Go home. Do not speak."

Lesswrong has hosted an event along these lines in 2019 and in 2020. In 2019, 125 users were given "launch codes" that, if input into a red button on the front page, would take down the site for the day. In 2020, the same was done with 270 users. The site was not took down in 2019, and was took down in 2020.

If Lesswrong holds a similar Petrov Day event in 2021, will the "red button" be pressed?

If the site hosts a 2021 Petrov day event, and a group of Lesswrong users are given the choice to take a unilateral action that ends the 2021 Petrov day event (such as entering launch codes that take down the Lesswrong site, as in 2019 and 2020), then this will resolve positively if one of them takes that action and negatively if none of them do. Otherwise, this resolves ambigiously.

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