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IVF-based embryo selection for intelligence


With genetic predictors of a phenotypic trait, it is possible to select embryos during an in vitro fertilisation process to increase or decrease that trait. Some have proposed that, using polygenic scores for IQ, embryo selection could enable cognitive enhancement in humans (Shulman and Bostrom, 2014). This could have major social, economic and scientific implications (ibid.).

When will 100 babies be born whose embryos were selected for genetic scores for intelligence?

This question resolves positively as the date of the birth of the 100th baby who were developed from an embryo selected for polygenic scores for intelligence, according to credible reports.

Positive resolution does not require the selection to be based solely on polygenic scores for intelligence—other factors could be taken into account.

Positive resolution requires the application of such procedures to aim for selecting for (amongst perhaps other things) improved cognitive abilities.

Positive resolution does not require the selection methods to reliably work at yielding improved cognitive abilities relative to the predicted counterfactual cases.

In case the question does not resolve before 2090-10-25, the question resolves as ">2090-10-25".

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